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Offshore: Bake Haus

  Catalog:  CD-DADA-215 3418611357
 Format:  CD
 Date:  11/27/2012 
 MSRP:  $14.99
 UPC:  5021392221823
 Class:  O
Bake Haus itself a kind of deconstructed slow-jam. In between you can find post-rock,
static and malfunctioning computers. Robertson plunges tracks, sounds, styles and moods together here into a continuous piece of music, where the individual tunes are less important than the way in which they're strung together. It makes for a short, visceral and, at times, beautiful suite of music which should establish Offshore as a key name in new electronic music and further build interest in his full full-length (this only being a palette-whetting mini-album) which is due next year.