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Chuck Prophet

Chuck Prophet: Temple Beautiful

  Catalog:  CD-YEP-2255 18019587896
 Format:  CD
 Date:  02/07/2012 
 MSRP:  $15.99
 UPC:  634457225527
 Class:  P
Chuck Prophet returns with his third Yep Roc release - Temple Beautiful - a nuanced, insightful, passionate ode to San Francisco: his adopted hometown; his muse; his drug of choice...

"San Francisco. It's a great place to come and wave your freak flag or whatever you want to call it. It can suck you under. That first hit. It really does a whammy to you. And if you're like me you can find yourself chasing the San Francisco dragon for the rest of your life. That's what the record is about.

The record's an unsentimental (though loving) tour of San Francisco. Made in San Francisco by San Franciscans about San Francisco. My effort to tap into the history, the weirdness, the energy and spontaneity that brought me here in the first place.
" ~ Chuck Prophet


Single Disc: 
Play That Song Again(2:44)
Castro Halloween(4:12)
White Light, Big City(3:35)
Museum Of Broken Hearts(3:57)
Willie Mays Is Up At Bat(4:59)
The Left Hand and the Right Hand(3:46)
I Felt Like Jesus(2:58)
Who Shot John(3:48)
He Came From So Far Away (Red Man Speaks)(3:31)
10 Little Girl, Little Boy(2:08)
11 White Night, Big City(3:23)
12 Emperor Norton in the Last Year Of His Life (1880)(3:45)