Champions of Independent Music

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Redeye has strong, established relationships with all major domestic chain accounts, digital service providers, onestops and independents. Redeye also has partners in every territory around the world. Our in-house sales and marketing staff creates and implements successful campaigns using proven methods. We provide comprehensive manufacturing services, and offer our distributed labels a suite of online tools including accounting, sales and marketing reports.

In addition, Redeye Distribution recently launched a comprehensive direct mail service called 11spot. We provide fulfillment for many of the orders generated through the websites of many of our partner artists and labels. 11spot also has a digital component that allows customers to download albums and tracks directly from an artist or label's website.

Redeye Distribution has a solid history of providing our distributed labels with all the tools they need to be a successful partner. The concept is simple: target the buyers and key retail managers with everything they need to make an informed decision regarding your product. Let them see your music, let them hear your music. How else can they make a real choice?

We maintain constant communication with our retail partners using a wide variety of tools, including our biweekly New Release book, our biweekly New Release email, Digital New Release email and our quarterly sampler CD called Leak. Our website provides up to date interactive catalogs, artist and label news, and touring and street date updates. also incorporates comprehensive b2b services including sales reporting, artist update tools, important forms and schedules, as well as instant access to statements.

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