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At Redeye, we press hundreds of thousands of CDs every year for our distributed artists and labels. Our prices are competitive and our quality is top-notch. Plus, having the same company press your CDs and ship them to stores has huge advantages for you:

No Missed Release Dates

Since we control the production of your CD, we can plan a timeline that results in a successful release. And if you need us to rush to meet a critical date, we make it happen.

No More Backorders

When our stock of your CD starts to run low and orders are coming in, we can repress quickly to keep the pipeline full.

No Wasted Money on Freight Charges

There is no freight charge from our plant to Redeye. The money you save by avoiding freight charges from your manufacturer to your distributor can add up to a significant amount, and we know that every penny counts.

We offer a full line of manufacturing services including retail-ready CDs, vinyl and posters. We can also handle represses of titles you originally pressed at another plant.

Whether you are an established record label with several successful titles under your belt, or you are a musician getting ready to put out your first CD, we can help you through the process and deliver the goods at a price to fit your budget and in time to meet your deadline.