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Redeye's dedication doesn't stop with domestic accounts. We're just as committed to making our distributed labels' product available worldwide. Our international division has been a special focus in the last few years as overseas markets have grown. With the expansion of our staff, Redeye has been able to tailor our efforts to more fully meet the individual needs of every release we distribute outside the USA. Our network of international partners includes the finest retail partners from around the globe, touching every territory worldwide.

We market our international product at aggressive and competitive prices that both maximize each title's impact in the market, while endeavoring to maintain strong revenue streams for our labels. We've worked hard to implement successful promotion and marketing plans internationally.

We're constantly on the lookout for new international opportunities, and Redeye's international reps regularly attend conferences such as MIDEM. Our plan is to grow our international revenue by tailoring the systems we've used successfully in the US, and applying the same standard of dedication and customer service to our international accounts that we do for our US partners.