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11Spot is Redeye Distributionís direct to fan and merchandise fulfillment solution.

Why 11spot?
  • Completely Hosted Shopping Cart Solution
  • Pick, Pack & Ship Physical Product
  • Industry Leading Customer Service
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • No Startup, Monthly or Annual Fees
  • Customizable Themes to Match Current Brand
  • SoundScan Reporting
  • Secure Credit Card Processing

Customer Service

A positive customer experience is our #1 priority. Our full-time customer service representative answers every call and every email within 24 hours to ensure your fans are happy and that they keep coming back for more!

Digital Album Delivery

Digital albums and individual tracks are available to your fans directly from your 11spot site immediately upon purchase. 11spot provides ample high-speed bandwidth to serve your digital delivery needs.

Value Adds

11spot brands every order that leaves our doors to each of our clients by including marketing materials like release schedules or postcards and value-adds such as sampler CDs, pins, or stickers.